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Koen, one of the team’s most experienced riders, started his cycling career after watching the 1996 Tour de France near his home village. He started riding some cyclosportives, and after a year he entered his first race. His talent was immediately obvious, and he won several races in his first year.

Both the sport in general and the team in particular have taught Koen to work toward defined goals and to stay focused. The various staff have taught him to create more structure in his career and to focus on one specialty. He appreciates that everyone has a clear role in the team and that guidance is provided to help everyone develop and improve in their roles.

In 2014 Koen once again proved his strengths as a lead-out rider, and his ability to adapt to what kind of lead-out the team is looking for – palying a key roll in the stage wins at both the Tour de France and Vuelta a España. When given his chance, he has also demonstrated his ability to go for a result himself in the sprints. It was not only the fast finishes where Koen proved his strengths, having also played a strong support role in the classics over the past seasons, and helping the team to win its first monument is high on his list of priorities.

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